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scale / масштаб, шкала, гамма
имя существительное
scale, scope, measure, caliber, gauge, gage
gamma, scale, gamut
weigh, weight, scale, ride
weigh, balance, ponder, scale, deliberate, heft
erase, scale, strip off, rasp, rasp away, rasp off
имя существительное
each of the small, thin horny or bony plates protecting the skin of fish and reptiles, typically overlapping one another.
Use your hands to spread the potato slices out so that they overlap like unruly fish scales , but are not more than 1 or 2 layers thick.
something resembling a fish scale in appearance or function, in particular.
Her legs melded together, and tiny silver scales appeared on her lower half.
a flaky deposit, in particular.
If left untreated, the scale may become thick, yellow and greasy and, occasionally, secondary bacterial infection may occur.
an instrument for weighing. Scales were originally simple balances ( pairs of scales ) but are now usually devices with an internal weighing mechanism housed under a platform on which the thing to be weighed is placed, with a gauge or electronic display showing the weight.
The Lord Christ is placing before us a pair of scales , and on one side of the balances is laid the whole world.
a graduated range of values forming a standard system for measuring or grading something.
company employees have hit the top of their pay scales
remove scale or scales from.
he scales the fish and removes the innards
(especially of the skin) form scales.
moisturizers can ease off drying and scaling
weigh a specified weight.
some men scaled less than ninety pounds
climb up or over (something high and steep).
thieves scaled an 8-foot fence
represent in proportional dimensions; reduce or increase in size according to a common scale.
scaled plans of the house
no one foresaw the scale of the disaster
a one-fifth scale model of a seven-storey building
at the other end of the scale, premiership clubs are forced to pay huge wages
Magnolia scale and bacterial leaf spot are sometimes apparent but seldom life-threatening.
It also has a sizeable collection of model vessels - a scale model is commissioned when each new ship is procured.
two men at opposite ends of the social scale
these graphics are out of scale
The centrepiece of the displays is a pair of fascinating scale models, one of the city before Christ, the other in AD4.
A logarithmic scale is used to better represent the multiplier's relative magnitudes.
The new business opportunities have encouraged entrepreneurship on a grand scale .