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scald / ожог, скальд
имя существительное
burn, scorch, scald, singe, sting, sear
skald, scald
имя существительное
a burn or other injury caused by hot liquid or steam.
Traumatic injuries include incisions, gunshot and sword wounds, scalds and burns, contusions, sprains or animal stings and bites.
injure with very hot liquid or steam.
the tea scalded his tongue
You can also inhale steam from a kettle or pot of boiling water, taking care not to get so close that you scald yourself.
Still, it is a good practice to scald the milk or cream as this precaution will kill bacteria and also dissolve the sugar and help infuse any flavors.
In too much sun they may suffer scald on the leaves, or the leaves may appear yellow rather than deep green.
Real tears sting and burn and scald you, vodka tears are mellow, sweetly sad and not tears at all.
For the chocolate soup: In a saucepan, scald the cream.
On low heat, scald the milk with the vanilla bean.
scald the milk with the citrus zest
there's bowls to scald and bairns to fetch!
And again, as soon as the rain stops we plan to start treating the worst acid sulphate scald in northern NSW and we believe we will have green grass growing on it within six weeks where grass hasn't grown for many, many years.
Allow the cup to cool for a minute before moving it so you don't scald yourself.