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scalable / масштабируемый
имя прилагательное
able to be scaled or climbed.
That mountain became a mite more scaleable ten minutes later, when once again Ward was on hand to take possession on the third phase and wiggle his way over for his second try of the afternoon.
able to be changed in size or scale.
scalable fonts
able to be measured or graded according to a scale.
Suddenly there's a real motive toward making that wireless access point a platform, with a modular, scalable , PC operating system.
A scalable software system is, in brief, one that can easily expand to handle more transactions or other sorts of throughput.
Its scalable design allows the game to run on a low end video card without trouble, but at the sacrifice of visual quality.
Current processes simply aren't scalable or robust enough to meet dramatically increasing demand.
By looking beyond your short-term needs and cash flow to the bigger picture, you can ensure you have a truly scalable IT infrastructure that is able to grow with your organisation.
The software is scalable to allow really large clusters to be built, and is easy to configure.
Another is that Linux is highly scalable , modular and flexible - which makes it well-suited to the extreme diversity of embedded systems.
We knew we had to create a scalable , systematic process to ensure we maintained our accuracy in revenue recognition.
If the Metro rail is commercially viable, non-polluting and scalable for future needs, let us go ahead with it without further delay.
It seems fairly open ended and scalable to the needs of the creatives that use it.