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scaffold / строительные леса, эшафот, леса
имя существительное
строительные леса
scaffolding, scaffold
forestry, scaffold, line, staging, falsework, fishing line
обстраивать лесами
имя существительное
a raised wooden platform used formerly for the public execution of criminals.
They were all angling for a better view of a simple wooden scaffold bearing a lone noose, which dangled in the breeze.
a structure made using scaffolding.
Then we hit on friends and neighbors to contribute toe board brackets, toe boards, scaffolds , ladders and moral support.
attach scaffolding to (a building).
the soot-black scaffolded structures
The granting of the charter itself featured prominently with artefacts from medieval life, including a quiver of arrows and the Earl of Derby's execution is marked with a replica scaffold and display featuring lilies.
scaffold boards
Spurred on by the sight of the scaffold and the thought of playing in mud for a good cause, I vowed to come back to help work on the walls.
A loose board crashes into a scaffold John is working on - more broken glass.
The marginal application of bread was inadvertently found by Queen Marie Antoinette of France who later paid with her head for her discovery on the scaffold during the French Revolution.
But whether displayed on a public scaffold in the eighteenth century, or the result of a scientific killing within the confines of a modern prison, the body of the executed criminal remains a vivid and striking symbol of the power of the law.
It is likely the tower will be dismantled piece by piece using a large crane and a scaffold to support the remaining structure.
The back view of the piece revealed a bleacher-like structure of shallow risers buttressed by a plywood scaffold supporting both the pulley and a large fan that kept the floating arch aloft.
The criminal would mount the scaffold and stand upon this trapdoor, which would then open, precipitating the person into a fall of some feet.
There on the scaffold she suffered scorn and public admonishment.