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scabies / чесотка, скабиес
имя существительное
scabies, itch, mange, scab, psora
scabies, scab, mange
имя существительное
a contagious skin disease marked by itching and small raised red spots, caused by the itch mite.
Consequently malaria, diarrhoea, scabies and respiratory diseases are rife.
Although a nuisance rather than a serious threat to general health, scabies is the best known of the diseases in man which are caused directly by mites.
Without an adequate water supply children cannot wash often enough and so contract eye infections and skin conditions such as scabies .
She diagnosed flu, pneumonia, upper respiratory illnesses like asthma, rashes and scabies .
Children who had any rash other than scabies , heat rash, or insect bites were referred to the project physician for a clinical assessment.
Consequently malaria, diarrhoea, scabies and respiratory diseases are rife.
After entertaining all the usual sexually transmitted diseases, JTL treated the patient for scabies .
Not surprisingly, malnourishment and illness like fevers, coughs, malaria, scabies and diarrhoea are common.
While animal strains of scabies exist and can infect humans, the mites cannot complete their life cycle or be passed to other hosts.
Fewer babies are covered with scabies and other skin diseases.
The bathing had been ordered to control an outbreak of scabies , a skin disease.