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scabbard / ножны
имя существительное
sheath, scabbard
вкладывать в ножны
sheathe, scabbard
имя существительное
a sheath for the blade of a sword or dagger, typically made of leather or metal.
She produced a short dagger in a leather scabbard that tied to the belt.
She produced a short dagger in a leather scabbard that tied to the belt.
With a swift smooth move, one of the figures slid his sword out of the scabbard , and swung the blade at the drunk.
The man bore dusky skin, dark brown hair with a long, thick ponytail, and an impressive broad sword sheathed within the scabbard upon his back.
Stopping abruptly, he picked up the scabbard and sheathed the sword, before he lost himself again.
She would have looked like the perfect Lady had it not been for the heavy black leather scabbard and sword belt that encircled a slender waist.
Light flashed across the blade as he pulled his sword from the scabbard .
She unwrapped the leather covering to reveal a dagger in a scabbard .
The dagger, the scabbard , even the missing sword had belonged to her mother.
And he saw the unmistakable hilt of a finely crafted sword protruding from the scabbard on the belt of a tall, golden-haired elf.
He had on a brown leather belt, a dagger in a scabbard hung on the belt, together with a scabbard for his sword and his feet were encased in brown leather boots.