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scab / парша, струп, короста
имя существительное
scab, tetter, impetigo
scab, eschar, crust, slough, adz, adze
scab, skald
покрываться струпьями
быть штрейкбрехером
fink, scab, rat
имя существительное
a dry, rough protective crust that forms over a cut or wound during healing.
As this mesh dries, it hardens and forms a scab to protect the wound as it heals.
mange or a similar skin disease in animals.
The state was also called in to deal with stock disease, especially scab - a major constraint on wool production.
a person or thing regarded with dislike and disgust.
become encrusted or covered with a scab or scabs.
she rested her scabbed fingers on his arm
act or work as a scab.
Men who scabbed in the 1926 General Strike were never forgotten or forgiven even to this day and the very mention invokes anger among the old miners.
Ingram turned and displayed the wound on the back of his own neck: twin half ovals made of pointed red punctures that had begun to scab over.
This is the pathogen that causes scab - the most devastating disease of wheat and barley to date.
The disappointing turnout was probably due to the regulations which restricted sheep movements in a bid to prevent scab .
Someday these fungi may be applied as a seed coating to make plants better fit to resist scab as they approach maturity.
Especially where scab is evident in the field, the combine should be set for maximum cleaning, with higher blower speeds to remove the small shriveled diseased kernels.
Insect pests still require spraying in most areas, but apples are mainly sprayed to prevent disease, primarily scab .
Furthermore, early harvesting of grain can reduce the effects of diseases like scab , which increase with delayed harvest.
Vaccinees are infectious from about the third day after vaccine receipt until the scab falls off, which may take three to four weeks.
These fungi are notorious for causing a disease called scab , or Fusarium head blight, in grains such as wheat and barley, as well as ear and stalk rot of corn.
Most important in Ohio is resistance to powdery mildew, Stagonospora leaf blotch, and head scab .