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saying / поговорка, присказка, присловье
имя существительное
saying, proverb, adage, byword, rede, gnome
saying, introduction
saying, household word, expletive, household term
имя существительное
a short, pithy expression that generally contains advice or wisdom.
Often a pithy saying or proverb has been written in the chosen script beside the alphabet.
utter words so as to convey information, an opinion, a feeling or intention, or an instruction.
“Thank you,” he said
assume something in order to work out what its consequences would be; make a hypothesis.
let's say we pay five thousand dollars in the first year
There is a saying that every great play has a mystery in it.
I mean we have a common saying in paediatrics that up until about six years of age your child will have six to eight viral infections a year.
But there's an old saying : just because you're paranoid, it doesn't mean they're not out to get you.
There's a saying in Cuba that whenever there are two Cubans together, there are three opinions.
There's a saying that Mauritians have such sweet dispositions because so much of their country is covered in sugar.
On the basis of this evidence, the saying that ‘content is king’ has become somewhat of a truism.
You know in our tradition we have a saying that ‘the best person is one who serves others.’
The first part was a simple curse, and the second an old saying .
That saying about laughter being the best medicine is hokey but true, especially for shaking the blues.
I'll finish with a saying I like to use in all of my motivational speeches: Challenges are inevitable.