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saxophone / саксофон
имя существительное
saxophone, sax
имя существительное
a member of a family of metal wind instruments with a single-reed mouthpiece, used especially in jazz and dance music.
Guitars, flutes, trombones, saxophones and clarinets all combine to play back up to her vocals.
It sounds like a saxophone , or maybe a harmonica, or even bagpipes.
Later, his high school bandleader was awestruck by his ability to improvise on the saxophone .
Ginger was also a proud member of the band, though she played alto saxophone and she enjoyed jazz and Christian rock.
The music picked up the tempo and overhead a saxophone played sweet jazz.
You also mentioned once that you were thinking of recording a solo album entirely based around your saxophone and flutes.
But jazz quartets can be varied with a trumpet or a saxophone or even a flute or clarinet.
It features a steady high-hat and snare rattles like a slow motion whirlpool; there are also beautiful electric piano accents and a smoky saxophone .
A man of many talents, Roger was an accomplished jazz musician, playing soprano saxophone and clarinet with his Blue Notes band.
he plays the saxophone
He began his career playing the saxophone in a jazz orchestra.