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sax / саксофон, шиферный молоток
имя существительное
saxophone, sax
шиферный молоток
имя существительное
a saxophone.
Over the years, he has become adept on alto and soprano saxes , value trombone, flugelhorn, pocket trumpet, cornet, and various clarinets.
Saxon or Saxony.
Curiously, he includes three thick multi-tracked saxophone pieces on this album seemingly dedicated to a magnification of the sax 's more minute phenomenon and to the distinctive solo voice.
alto sax
The track is partially redeemed by another great sax solo, but otherwise seems very much out-of-place and closes the album on a sour note.
On some tracks he has his friends lay very minimal flute, sax or guitar lines.
Squealing keyboard lines duel with harsh sax solos, but it's the drumming that ultimately comes up victorious.
Later, when I was a little older, I joined his orchestra, playing alto sax and clarinet.
I'm always a sucker for a good horn section, so the trombone, trumpet and sax were a welcome sight and sound.
a sax solo
He first came into contact with music aged nine, when he learned to play the alto sax , but it was his encounter with electronic instruments, at the age of twelve, during a summer arts camps, that defined the realm in which he now evolves.
Similarly, Tom on trumpet & flugelhorn, and Carlos on alto sax , are used for coloration far more often that they are given the spotlight.