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sawyer / пильщик, усач, коряга
имя существительное
barbel, sawyer
snag, sawyer
имя существительное
a person who saws timber for a living.
Opponents believe it's all a spin to provide more even-aged timber for the sawyers .
an uprooted tree floating in a river but held fast at one end.
a large longhorn beetle whose larvae bore tunnels in the wood of injured or recently felled trees, producing an audible chewing sound.
The pine sawyers are wood borers and emerge throughout the summer months as adults carrying the nematode from infested or non-infested pine trees.
A manual dial allows the sawyer to accurately choose the size of the lumber being targeted.
Mills works as a sawyer in Tennessee, and his poems have the kind of down-home intelligence that comes from a man listening to people talk.
The pinewood nematode is transmitted from pine to pine by an insect vector, the pine sawyer .
He eventually secured a job as a sawyer with an Edinburgh timber merchant, which gave him the means to support a wife and three small children.
He arrived on the Belgravia in 1864, with a 15-year sentence to serve for house-breaking and worked as a woodcutter, sawyer , fencer and general labouring teamster.
For the nomad sawyer , working in the shop one day, in the back yard the next, and at a buddy's place on the weekend, a lightweight, bench-top table saw is an ideal choice.
Mark estimates that any city of 50,000 or more easily generates enough ‘waste ‘wood to keep a custom sawyer busy.’
He was learning to be a sawyer , helping to provide the wood for the carpenters engaged at the ‘Big House’ where further modifications and extensions were being built on the West Front.
He was a husband, father, farmer, sawyer , commercial fisherman, quarryman, storyteller and, every now and then, beer drinker.
After Ray, who makes rolltop desks, watched a custom sawyer turn a log into lumber, he and Mark decided they wanted to make their own lumber.