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sawtooth / зуб пилы
имя существительное
зуб пилы
имя прилагательное
shaped like the teeth of a saw with alternate steep and gentle slopes.
An enormous cirque plunged 300 feet down to a frozen aquamarine lake and then sloped up and away to a sawtoothed ridge.
Turn right at the sign for White Bark Vista and you will stand witness to a granite panorama dominated by the sawtooth ridge of the Minarets - a banquet of peaks and precipices.
Variable frequency sawtooth waveforms are often utilized as an excitation signal in a digital musical synthesizer.
It has two oscillators per voice, each with pulse, triangle and sawtooth waveforms, and they can be detuned or synchronized.
The serrated or sawtooth wheel is most commonly used, but a smooth wheel is preferable on delicate fabrics.
Another building type features a sawtooth roof and an exposed steel frame that manipulate sunlight, introducing patterns of shade and shadow on a simple metal panels or precast facade.
It is but a short hike through a white pine forest from the top of the ski resort chair to the broad expanse of this high bowl, ringed by sharp summits and sawtooth ridges.
The glass panels step in a sawtooth pattern from east to west, and help articulate the ceiling.
Light floods into the space from a series of sawtooth rooflights.
Inspired by another factory building they'd seen, the architects opted to try out a sawtooth roof structure to bring in northern light.
Activities are arranged around a linear central hall, its sawtooth roof supported by slim, square section columns.