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sawmill / лесопильный завод, лесопилка, лесопильня
имя существительное
лесопильный завод
sawmill, lumber-mill
имя существительное
a factory in which logs are sawed into lumber by machine.
The courts did little to stop textile mills, machine shops, sawmills , chemical works, and similar businesses from polluting.
Withering drought, the sawmill closing, families leaving the district in droves and the nationwide rural downturn had brought Ranfurly to its knees.
At the abandoned fort, the 54th destroyed more than fifty bales of cotton, a gristmill, and a sawmill .
He gets a job in a local sawmill , which given his disgrace is the nearest he can realistically get to his former profession of carpenter.
Joseph Schneider arrived in Canada in 1807 and after clearing his farm and cutting a road along the line of Queen Street, he built a sawmill in 1816.
There was a Catholic church there and also a sawmill .
Along with a sawmill , power plant, and gypsum processing facility, Belledune is also home to one of the world's largest lead and zinc smelters.
In the 1950s the couple built an electric sawmill behind their home in North Lismore and began supplying timber to other local businesses, expanding as each year passed.
Logs were dragged to the shore and dumped to wait to be towed to a sawmill .
In the early spring of 1762 Hazen joined the pioneers with a party of settlers who built a primitive sawmill and gristmill and constructed rude shelters.
To power their sawmill 's waterwheel, they carved out a channel which in effect created the island we know today.