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sawdust / опилки
имя существительное
sawdust, filings, cuttings, scobs, rasping
имя существительное
powdery particles of wood produced by sawing.
Some are made from coal, wood, or sawdust , while others are made from peach pits, olive pits, or coconut shells.
Bark, wood chips or sawdust work, but avoid stone or brick chips because they absorb and reflect heat.
As the wood is cut, the heaviest sawdust is sucked down into the small bag.
Use sand, straw, sawdust or plastic sheeting along the ground to prevent mud splashes.
Once all the scoring is complete, thoroughly clean the floors removing all sawdust , dirt and oils from the floor.
Its walls are of clay baked in sawdust , which means the house has a natural air and heat system that regulates itself naturally.
Periodically saturated sand or sawdust should be scraped away and fresh, clean material put in place.
Dirt, weeds and sawdust adhere to the paint, forming porous cavities and rough, spongelike surfaces.
Innovative use of scraps and sawdust make the best use of wood for panels, hybrid products, etc.
Burning the wood or using its sawdust and ash is also strongly discouraged.
If you add a quantity of, say, fresh sawdust to your garden soil, chances are your plants will suffer from a lack of nitrogen.