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savoury / чабер, острая закуска
имя существительное
острая закуска
savory, savoury
имя прилагательное
tasty, savory, yummy, palatable, nice, nutty
spicy, piquant, savory, racy, pungent, nutty
acute, sharp, keen, spicy, poignant, savory
имя прилагательное
(of food) belonging to the category that is salty or spicy rather than sweet.
Leanne imagined thin, crispy crust smothered in sweet yet savory tomato sauce, warm cheese, pepperoni, and succulent mushrooms.
morally wholesome or acceptable.
everyone knew it was a front for less savory operations
имя существительное
an aromatic plant of the mint family, used as a culinary herb.
Harvest culinary and medicinal herbs like lemon balm, mint, French tarragon, summer savory and basil before they go to seed.
a savory dish, especially a snack or an appetizer.
Teas will be served during the afternoon and the organisers will welcome donations of food, cakes, and savouries .
In cooking it is often used as a garnish or decoration, both in sweet and in savoury dishes.
The most savoury of the paintings (if I can use that word without coming across as prudish) are a series of nudes done from life in South Africa.
In general, most of the salt we consume is not added during cooking or at the table, but comes from processed foods such as bread, cheese, savoury snacks, breakfast cereals and ready-meals.
Nutmeg is as popular a spice for savoury dishes as sweet, lending a mellow flavour to rice puddings, sausages and mash, baked custards and fruit cake.
Pears are one of the few fruits that lend themselves equally happily to sweet and savoury dishes.
It was tasty enough, but I suspect the chef's talent lies with the savoury dishes.
Fruit or savoury foods seem to be better at preventing nausea than sweeter snacks.
It is easy to identify sweets as culprits, but what about the hidden danger of sugar in savoury foods and foods thought to be healthy, such as breakfast cereals, fruit juices, salad dressings, and yoghurts?
Keep a light snack such as a savoury biscuit or cracker by your bed and eat before getting up in the morning or if you wake in the night, to help prevent sickness in the morning.
As a big fan of fruit as part of the main savoury dish of the meal I thoroughly enjoyed this.