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savour / смаковать, наслаждаться, иметь вкус
savor, relish, smack one's lips, savour
enjoy, relish, delight, savor, revel, take pleasure in
иметь вкус
taste, relish, savor, smack, savour
имя существительное
taste, flavor, liking, palate, style, savor
aroma, flavor, fragrance, odor, perfume, savor
odor, savor, odour, savour
имя существительное
a characteristic taste, flavor, or smell, especially a pleasant one.
the subtle savor of wood smoke
taste (good food or drink) and enjoy it completely.
gourmets will want to savor our game specialties
have a suggestion or trace of (something, especially something bad).
their genuflections savored of superstition and popery
Let us enjoy her tennis, savour her exploits and respect and appreciate her talents.
Nothing spoils the savour of a good wine or takes the zing out of a gin and tonic like having it served in a smeary, bleary glass.
Teach children to chew food more slowly and savour the food.
gourmets will want to savour our game specialities
Their salted and smoked meat was useful to give savour to otherwise stodgy dishes, and was especially important for the poor.
The notes of nut and marmalade add great savour to rashers and crispy black pudding.
the subtle savour of wood smoke
It has the addictive Hebridean savour of a peaty-iodiney island malt.
As he wanted to stay a moment and savour the scene, he leaned against the thick trunk of the sturdy oak behind him.
If life were like a rented DVD, you'd be able to fast-forward through the dull bits and hit slow-motion or pause to savour the sweeter moments.