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saviour / спаситель, избавитель
имя существительное
savior, rescuer, lifesaver, redeemer, saviour
redeemer, savior, rescuer, liberator, saviour
имя существительное
a person who saves someone or something (especially a country or cause) from danger, and who is regarded with the veneration of a religious figure.
Positioned as the saviors of the nation, foreigners slide all too easily into becoming its scapegoats.
The textile industry, oft hailed as a saviour to poor countries with abundant cheap labour, hasn't boomed as expected.
My thoughts cling to the tangible memory of you and your every little gesture and movement like a drowning person clings to their saviour .
I now accept Jesus as my saviour and with his help I intend to confess him before men.
The rogue doctor, the Hippocratic saviour turned hypocritic slayer, is a mercifully rare medical phenomenon in this country.
As characters go, Sir Arthur is the saviour , but, in some ways, it is George who is the truest of the bunch.
So he let the crisis spin out in order to present himself, as in 1940, the saviour of the nation.
Historically, New Zealand's voters have always wanted a change of government to make the State their saviour once more.
Now the decision is yours - will you soften your heart and let him in as your personal saviour ?
Some may say she is a saviour , and some may say she is an immoral, misguided pseudo-philanthropist.
But why does everyone look to God as their saviour , when they are in need?