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saver / бережливый человек
имя существительное
бережливый человек
saver, economist, economizer
имя существительное
a person who regularly saves money through a bank or recognized scheme.
Frustrated with low returns, savers are taking money out of state banks and lending it themselves
an object, action, or process that prevents a particular kind of resource from being used up or expended.
a great space-saver
Okay, let's say you are an exceptional saver and are able to save 20% or your yearly income.
And while the insurance company will take your funds and use them to purchase securities, such as government or corporate bonds, the saver is left with only an insurance policy.
a new saver from London to Edinburgh
The pensions industry is well known for its insatiable appetite for savers ' money and its attempts to part us from it.
Not surprisingly, financial advisers are encouraging savers to invest in equity-based products.
However, over the longer term, deposit accounts have often failed to protect savers ' money against inflation with the interest paid insufficient to offset the loss in the buying power of our money.
More savers and money managers now believe that, in the long run, the return on stocks is higher and the riskiness of stocks is lower than bonds.
Thankfully, we have been, and still are, regular savers .
Since the outset of the neo-liberal reform project, both the government and private sector have borrowed money from domestic savers as well as from international creditors.
The function of financial intermediaries is to act as middlemen between savers and investors.