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savannah / саванна
имя существительное
savannah, savanna
имя существительное
a port in Georgia, just south of the border with South Carolina, on the Savannah River close to its outlet on the Atlantic; population 132,410 (est. 2008).
The sun is setting over the monotonous green of the tropical plains, sculpting in bronze the creatures that cross the savannah .
Certainly the re-creation of natural habitats, from the African savannah to the Asian wetlands and Australia's variety, is exceptional.
These farmers have already devastated much of the savannah and transitional rainforest of Mato Grosso in southern Amazonia, transforming the landscape into a green sea of soyabeans.
The lowlands include savannas , swamps, tropical rainforests, and semi-deserts.
Even the ostrich squawk as they make their way across the sandvelt to open marshlands and savannahs dotted with acacia, baobab trees and wild sage bushes.
In contrast, eastern Paraguay has rolling hills, richer soils, lush semitropical forests, and grassy savannas .
Humankind has always been filled with the urge to spread, to carve out new territories and experience new vistas, from the time we wandered down from the trees to explore the savannahs , and this urge fills us still.
One-quarter of the territory endures practically in its wild state with rainforests, dry tropical forest, and savannas .
The kingela tree found in the savanna is fast-growing and is therefore a symbol of fertility for the Nkanu.
At that time, the lowland savannas were settled by large numbers of farmer-herders who were ancestors to present-day Luo and Kipsigis.