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savagery / дикость, жестокость, свирепость
имя существительное
savagery, wildness, ferocity, savageness, ferity, ferociousness
cruelty, brutality, violence, atrocity, ferocity, savagery
ferocity, savagery, truculence, savageness, atrociousness
имя существительное
the quality of being fierce or cruel.
a crime of the utmost savagery
(chiefly in historical or literary contexts) the condition of being primitive or uncivilized.
without adult society, the children descend into savagery
Black people have long labored under the stigma of savagery .
Throughout Eastern Europe, the end of WWII merely signified an exchange of tyrannies, with communist brutality rising to supersede Nazi savagery .
In the male mythical imagination women are repeatedly associated with nature rather than culture, savagery rather than civilization, the wild rather than the tame.
Christopher Tookey said the whole Protestant community was implicated in the gang's savagery .
The dog represented an extension, even a vanguard, of man's savagery .
The very means by which the dictator had clung to power, his legendary savagery , had destroyed his internal support.
she was treated with particular savagery by cartoonists
the progress of civilization over savagery
There were many revolts which were put down with incredible savagery .
I do my best to forgive him for savagery .