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sauna / сауна, финская парная баня
имя существительное
финская парная баня
имя существительное
a small room used as a hot-air or steam bath for cleaning and refreshing the body.
the air-con was broken—the place was like a sauna
The campus also has a spa with a steam room, sauna , hot tub, cold plunge and Olympic-sized pool.
Time spent in a sauna or steam bath is considered a necessary luxury by Lithuanians.
In between treatments, guest are free to make use of the hotel's pool, sauna and steam rooms, jacuzzi or gym.
The hotel has a leisure centre with a swimming pool, sauna , steam room, gym and 1,500 acres of country estate.
The basement of the central block houses a private gym, Turkish bath, sauna , jacuzzi and massage room, all of which will overlook an outdoor pool.
When you take a 20-minute sauna or steam bath, your body temperature rises to about 104 degrees, and you sweat out one pound of water.
On Friday, they can enjoy a prebreakfast dip and refresh in the sauna , steam room and jacuzzi.
After an energetic day outdoors, Nicole and her friends can relax their muscles in the hotel's whirlpools, sauna , and steam room.
After swimming, guests can take a sauna or gentle steam bath, tone up in the gym or have a jog on the beaches.
Many Irish hotels now have a swimming pool, sauna , steam room and jacuzzi and promote themselves as a spa.