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sauce / соус, приправа, подливка
имя существительное
sauce, dressing, gravy, dip, relish
seasoning, condiment, flavoring, dressing, relish, sauce
gravy, sauce, dip, dish gravy
приправлять соусом
придавать пикантность
flavor, sauce, spice, salt, season, zest
talk back, answer back, sauce
имя существительное
thick liquid served with food, usually savory dishes, to add moistness and flavor.
tomato sauce
alcoholic drink.
she's been on the sauce for years
provide a sauce for (something); season with a sauce.
Crunchy, pale, looking like a cross between retractable antennae and geometric Aztec art, they're sauced with chili oil, ginger, garlic, and fresh slices of scallion, and have all the crunchy appeal of summertime picnic food.
be rude or impudent to (someone).
tomato sauce
Meanwhile, you do know how to make delicious homemade cranberry sauce , don't you?
He'd self-destructed with an alcohol problem, he explained, and had turned out a number of turkeys while on the sauce .
‘None of your sauce,’ said Aunt Edie
she's been on the sauce for years
After adding Italian seasoning, I have homemade spaghetti sauce containing at least two servings of vegetables.
she's been on the sauce for years
It takes about 20 minutes to cook on the griddle, arrives piping hot, and is covered in a tasty Japanese sauce I haven't been able to duplicate at home.
tomato sauce
I noticed that Jimmy, once again, had some pizza sauce on his cheek.