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saturation / насыщенность, насыщение, сатурация
имя существительное
saturation, satiety, satiation
saturation, aeration
имя прилагательное
имя существительное
the state or process that occurs when no more of something can be absorbed, combined with, or added.
Over time, the rate of adoption of the innovation increases, until the process gets closer to saturation , when the rate again slows down.
This film uses the saturation approach to comedy - throw so many jokes at the audience that, even if only a fraction of them stick, the final product will be deemed funny.
No fat is completely saturated, but full saturation has been produced experimentally.
With our eyes fixed on the computer screen, we adjusted the scaling, saturation and contrast of each of the digital photos in succession.
Allegations of censorship, bias and sensationalism have dogged the current saturation coverage of the war.
To further confuse the presentation, serum iron levels and the percentage of iron saturation are often low, apparently because of negative acute-phase reactions.
Many teens are conscious of media saturation and critical of corporate motives.
The size of the sample was determined by the saturation of information.
The long silence about the sinking of Gustlaff and other tragedies of that period - the saturation bombing of cities like Dresden, for example - was perhaps unavoidable.
Many were glued to the television for hours of the saturation coverage offered by broadcast and cable news outlets.
Print and broadcast outlets both operate on fixed schedules, but broadcast outlets break into regular entertainment programming to offer saturation coverage.