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saturate / насыщать, пропитывать, подавлять
saturate, sate, satiate, fill, imbue, medicate
impregnate, soak, permeate, saturate, penetrate, pervade
suppress, repress, inhibit, put down, overwhelm, saturate
имя прилагательное
пропитанный влагой
sodden, drenched, dripping, saturate
cause (something) to become thoroughly soaked with liquid so that no more can be absorbed.
the soil is saturated
имя прилагательное
saturated with moisture.
имя существительное
a saturated fat.
Biscuits, buns, cakes and pastries, puddings, and ice cream could be taxed if they raised cholesterol concentrations but exempt if the ratio of polyunsaturates to saturates were more favourable.
We believe it's unlikely that water will saturate the slab, seeping through to the wooden framing, it is quite possible, and even likely, that small cracks have developed over the years.
Do you then saturate yourself in source materials and then write, or do you have the materials out in front of you when you're writing?
‘I'll go into a city in advance and saturate the market,’ he says.
Foaming bathroom cleaner does a wonderful job on soot, but first saturate the bricks with an all-purpose cleaner and allow to soak a few minutes.
Once the Shih Tzu is thoroughly soaked, saturate the sponge with shampoo and from the rear to front, shampoo every part of the Shih Tzu.
As always, it is important to thoroughly saturate a brick wall before application of any cleaning solution.
He closed his eyes and let the warm water saturate his skin.
In the Pacific Northwest, for example, apple growers adorn their trees with dispensers that saturate the air with the chemical sex attractant, or pheromone, of female codling moths.
If that number's shrinking, how can you predict a larger sales number when we saturate most of the market already?
Rub into the stain for a minute, brush off the powder with a clean brush and sponge immediately with warm water, being careful not to saturate the carpet backing.