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satsuma / сатсума
имя существительное
a tangerine of a hardy loose-skinned variety, originally grown in Japan.
They are still grown around the Mediterranean, but have been partly ousted in commerce by the satsumas and clementines.
Japanese pottery from Satsuma, ranging from simple 17th-century earthenware to later work made for export to Europe, often elaborately painted, with a crackled cream-colored glaze.
Most of the Kyoto Satsuma ware was produced for export to Western countries.
имя существительное
a former province of southwestern Japan that was located on the southwestern peninsula of Kyushu island, also known as the Satsuma Peninsula.
Reaching into his own lunch bag, he lightly tossed a satsuma her way.
Both satsuma and tangerine are types of mandarin, a group of citrus with brightly colored pulp and easy-to-peel skins.
The National School Fruit Scheme involves giving each child between the ages of four and six years a piece of fruit daily - an apple, a satsuma or a banana.
Other recent arrivals on supermarket shelves include an onion sweet enough to be eaten like an apple, miniature melons and the gratsuma - a cross between a grapefruit and a satsuma .
In our house Santa delivers stockings to the bedrooms, in which everything, even a satsuma , is individually wrapped, with lots of Sellotape.
It is seedless unless you plant some other types of citrus nearby, and has a more tangy taste than the satsuma .
Only the seriously deluded could believe that a burger and chips dinner will be less cholesterol-packed if you round it off with a small satsuma .
I realised that the only food I had eaten today was a bag of crisps and three satsumas !
The annuals were as much part of Christmas Day as satsumas or chocolate money.
The best I could come up with was one battered and bruised pack of tiny satsumas and I refused to buy that because the shopkeeper wouldn't reduce the price.