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satisfied / удовлетворенный, довольный
имя прилагательное
satisfied, complacent, contented, sated
satisfied, pleased, happy, content, contented, glad
имя прилагательное
contented; pleased.
satisfied customers
The company also added that they served thousands of satisfied customers every year.
Having a satisfied customer tell others how great your business is can reap tremendous rewards.
Patrick gave me a satisfied nod, and then changed the subject of our conversation.
He nodded as if satisfied with his answer or perhaps with his work and stacked the remaining papers neatly on the desk.
Salesmen love repeat business from satisfied customers, because it's all pay and no work!
Snickering, he hid a satisfied smile and nodded in reply.
Mack swallowed the alcohol with a satisfied gulp before nodding.
Ray seemed far from satisfied with the answer he had just received.
Get letters from satisfied customers and post them on your site.
Many companies regard satisfied customers as their best form of advertising.