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satiate / насыщать, пресыщать
saturate, sate, satiate, fill, imbue, medicate
satiate, glut, cloy, pall, pall on, surfeit
имя прилагательное
satiated, blase, tired, replete, sick, satiate
имя прилагательное
satisfied to the full; satiated.
Our hunger for decency sometimes is satiable through false justifications.
Her curiosity satiated , she walked away without a backwards glance.
The satiation of one's immediate physical desires is only a person's only drive when he is incapable of perceiving the suffering of others.
Hunger and appetite are the big go signals: satiation and satiety are the main stop signals.
The key to Graham's success is the way in which he compels and gratifies, but never fully reveals or satiates .
Rather than make arrests when crowds turn out of saloons, police find that handing out candy bars calms drinkers, satiates their hunger, and generally makes it easier for the drunks to get home safely.
The fundamental idea is that porridge, pulses, whole-grains and other hippie comestibles eliminate the hunger pangs born of sugar lows; they keep you satiated for longer, leaving you less open to the pernicious call of the fridge.
This concept implies that at some previous time, people found their culture to be meaningful, believable, and satiable .
Sweetened bitterness, such as sugared espresso, for example, satiates the appetite, while savoury sourness, such as hot-and-sour soup, can stimulate hunger and highlight texture.
Her curiosity was soon satiated when the door opened to reveal a handsome young man of about twenty with bright red hair and the palest blue eyes she had ever seen.