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satellite / спутник, сателлит, искусственный спутник
имя существительное
satellite, companion, sputnik, fellow traveler, attendant
искусственный спутник
satellite, space satellite, sputnik
имя существительное
an artificial body placed in orbit around the earth or moon or another planet in order to collect information or for communication.
The crash was recorded by the US Space Command, which tracks around 8000 artificial satellites in Earth orbit.
a celestial body orbiting the earth or another planet.
Deep in the outer reaches of the Solar system, a planet, orbited by two moons and several satellites , moved in its orbit around the star known as the Sun by the system's inhabitants.
something that is separated from or on the periphery of something else but is nevertheless dependent on or controlled by it.
satellite offices in London and New York
a portion of the DNA of a genome with repeating base sequences and of different density from the main sequence.
So Price established a satellite office in Denver, making it his center for work in the telecommunications industry.
The station will be available on all digital platforms, including the internet, digital radio, and digital satellite and cable.
The result was an invitation to develop a series of lectures on women's health that are delivered via satellite broadcast to a thousand hospitals around the country.
The additional growth of satellite and cable ensures that digital television will soon be enjoyed by the majority of the UK.
satellite offices in London and New York
He will move his show from broadcast to satellite radio in January of 2006 when his current contract runs out.
And most of them have satellite or cable so they have even more channels of rubbish.
Underneath this shading material the antennas were installed for local and satellite communications.
For fans of nostalgia, cable or satellite can be a Godsend.
Even in London, where broadband, DVD, cable TV, radio, satellite all feed into the chaotic, dirty metropolis you still have to work fairly hard to hear music that isn't easily categorised.