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sate / насыщать, пересыщать, пресыщать
saturate, sate, satiate, fill, imbue, medicate
satiate, glut, cloy, pall, pall on, sate
satisfy (a desire or an appetite) to the full.
sate your appetite at the resort's restaurant
However, eating nuts helps to sate the appetite, and studies suggest this tends to lead to a reduction in our intake of other foods.
For now, however, a good tale would more or less sate him.
I want some real food; something to sate my hunger and soothe my stomach.
Champagne was ready, along with flowers and a menu designed to sate the finest appetite.
She sate on the log of a fallen tree, of which there were many.
If that doesn't sate you, the Macdonalds can organise fishing, deer-stalking, pony-trekking and hiking.
The result would sate media appetite for star content while saving the studios huge sums of money.
Two years before, he had begun writing to them, asking for photos, information, anything to sate a schoolboy's appetite for space exploration.
The soldier was exhausted, and the meager food failed to sate his gnawing hunger, but he wasn't alone or afraid any longer.
Just a warning for light eaters, the generous portion should be shared by at least two persons as this particular dish will quickly sate your appetite as it is incredibly rich.