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satchel / сумка, ранец
имя существительное
bag, pouch, handbag, purse, case, satchel
knapsack, satchel, pack, haversack, valise, kit
имя существительное
a bag carried on the shoulder by a long strap and typically closed by a flap.
All exercises are done in the classroom itself so that children are relaxed at home and need not carry satchels stuffed with heavy loads of textbooks and exercise books.
Mrs Barley opened her handbag, a brown leather affair like a small satchel .
We sat down at the table in the lounge and that's when he handed me the satchel he was carrying.
Martin went round in circles clutching his carrier bag of clothes in one hand and his leather satchel of papers in the other.
They didn't speak for some time, until Faimon closed the book, and put it into his satchel .
At one point Marcos asked her to show everyone what she had in her satchel .
His clothes were rags, as was the satchel he carried, and he was boarding the third class plank.
The man carried a small satchel on his back full to the brim with goods, but this year there were no customers.
Tara just looked at his face while Rob started to open his satchel and take out a small sketch book.
I was starting to get cabin fever and I quickly got up, gathering my books into my satchel .
Jim had been laid up for months and still carried a satchel full of medications.