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sashay / отправляться, плавно двигаться
go, set off, depart, set out, set forth, sashay
плавно двигаться
glide, sail, sashay
walk in an ostentatious yet casual manner, typically with exaggerated movements of the hips and shoulders.
Louise was sashaying along in a long black satin dress
perform the sashay.
Ailey had fully experienced the thrill that ripples through a Broadway theater when a line of spiffy dancers sashays in unison towards the edge of the stage.
имя существительное
(in American square dancing) a figure in which partners circle each other by taking sideways steps.
roll away with a half sashay, then face your original partner
They sashay along the red carpet, botox-smooth and silicone-enhanced, so blatantly vain and unabashedly full of themselves, spinning for scores of photographers.
ladies center, men sashay, left allemande
Models sashayed the catwalk in their jeans, textural cable knit sweaters and big fur bags.
She evaded his grasp and left without another word, sashaying her hips tauntingly.
They've spun, tangoed, waltzed, rumbaed, salsaed, funked, jazzed, hip-hopped and twirled their little hearts out and now they're sashaying off into the sunset in an hour-long final.
The parade of models sashaying down the runway in the Eldorado Ballroom had local fashion designers earning spirited cheers and rousing applause from the approving crowd.
I stared at her, breath ragged, as she walked to the door, sashaying her hips calmly.
Stunning in an ivory off-the-shoulder creation, with lace trim and offset by a lengthy train, the blonde dancer sashayed her way down the aisle to the side of her clearly ecstatic husband-to-be.
So there we were with our slinky little dresses, sashaying across the stage singing religious music and I think it just took the world aback.