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sardonic / сардонический, злобный, злобно-насмешливый
имя прилагательное
sardonic, sardonical
vicious, malicious, spiteful, malevolent, catty, sardonic
имя прилагательное
grimly mocking or cynical.
Starkey attempted a sardonic smile
It seems to be aiming for a modern Catcher in the Rye with its sardonic , rancorous troubled kid character.
I mean, he had a lot of sardonic , sarcastic things like that to say and to make fun of himself, and so forth.
He considers this sardonic memoir of childhood in a small corner of the British Empire
Their sardonic remarks to each of the arguments put forth by the other teams sent waves of laughter among the crowd.
He sits in the Yorkshire court with a sardonic but kindly female family judge and a humourless martinet.
Like most of the first smart, sardonic novel, the story appears to have been thrown out with contemptuous ease.
His latest book, After Britain, is a comparably sardonic performance.
Happy to relate, acrimony is often enhanced by sardonic humour.
Many sardonic Australians find ways of making a play on these words.
The sardonic humour was wasted on him, and he begged me to give him the inside track on what drugs to take to win gold without the eternal shame of a life ban.