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sapphic / сафический, лесбийский
имя прилагательное
Lesbian, Sapphic
имя существительное
сафическая поэзия
имя прилагательное
of or relating to lesbians or lesbianism.
sapphic lovers
of or relating to Sappho or her poetry.
In other words, the Sapphic lyric refuses the chronological unfolding of time and instead endlessly repeats the activity of looking back to the past even as it predicts its own future rewriting.
имя существительное
verse in a meter associated with Sappho.
Meanwhile soldier poets wrote odes and sapphics based on dead forms borrowed from the Greeks while laying plans to translate the Aeneid.
Japanese macaques are a kind of Scottish monkey now living in Japan where they've developed strong sapphic preferences.
It may share Shakespeare's penchant for combining vulgar humour with intellectual high-mindedness, but this drama of sapphic intrigue in late 19 th-century New England is somewhat over-written.
It took five more years, a label change to Atlantic, and the teasingly sapphic hit ‘I Kissed a Girl’ before the Denver-raised New York resident began to set the record straight.
Playing a Type A-plus-plus lawyer who's finally learning to acknowledge her sapphic side, she is brilliantly funny and adorably vulnerable.
It's an appropriate venue for the show's vaudeville-burlesque revivalism with a sapphic flavour.
Another strategy is adopted in Versary's closing sequence of ‘Sapphics’, a title punning between lesbian contents and sapphic fragments.
Surprisingly, given the straight male interest in lesbian couplings, sapphic commercials are still rare.
The sapphic circuit: why is the gay male circuit a bit past its prime while women's events are just heating up?
She also played the sapphic Dr. Kitty in the play Last Summer at Bluefish Cove.
Gradually, as lascivious sapphic tendencies become apparent, the gulf in sexual mores between the youthful maid and her venerable employers becomes more pronounced.