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sanitize / дезинфицировать, проводить санобработку
disinfect, sanitize, cleanse, fumigate, asepticize
проводить санобработку
make clean and hygienic.
new chemicals for sanitizing a pool
Dispose of animal feces and sanitize anything they have touched.
Many efficient models conserve the energy used to heat water with a special booster inside the machine, which heats just a small volume of water to sanitize your dishes.
To surrender to political correctness is simply to sanitize controversy so that no one's sensibilities are offended.
However, this presentation of pan-African unity and post-Independence euphoria required a sanitization of Dakarois life and a careful culling of cultural elements deemed suitable for foreign consumption.
Despite the sanitisation of Government spin and much of the British media coverage, the full horrors of this war are becoming apparent to people around the world.
I agree that violence and explicit scenes should be sanitized but not at the expense of atmosphere or the story.
All nestboxes also need an easy way to be cleaned and sanitized after each feathered family has taken flight, most especially before another family takes up residency.
A large number of these declassified documents are sanitized , with source of information and names of informants removed for protection purposes.
Traffic was stopped on the road and after the complete sanitization of the area rescuers were allowed to lift the victims.
Wiping cloths must be sanitized in sanitizing solution (1 tsp bleach / 2 litres of water) when not in use.