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sandcastle / замок из песка
замок из песка
sand castle
Boffins have dug up the right formula for a perfect sandcastle - in the sand on Bridlington beach.
Frinton seafront was turned into an artistic display of sand sculptures, which were more than just a simple sandcastle .
It would be nice to see her building sandcastles on Bridlington beach with her kids.
From babies to grannies, everybody was enjoying themselves playing ball, building sandcastles or just basking in the glory of the sweltering rays.
Posing in a variety of eye-catching designer ensembles, the 24-year-old flame-haired Lancashire lass scoffs a bag of chips on the prom, rides a merry-go-round and makes sandcastles on the beach.
It's like we are building sandcastles near the ocean - our fathers built one - and we're always afraid that while we are sleeping at night, it might get washed away.
James, 31, from Cheadle Hulme, is known for his intricate sand sculptures and has previously built giant sandcastles on beaches in Australia and Thailand.
There's a real satisfaction in building something from scratch, even though the sandcastles only last until the tide comes in.
Together in our full regalia we had fun in the sun; jet boating, paddling in the sea at Sumner, making enormous sandcastles , looking in on the new casino, going up the gondola and meditating in the wizard's nest.
The handsome actor, whose relationship with Angelina was thought to be one of the main reasons his marriage broke down, was photographed helping three-year-old Maddox build sandcastles on an African holiday.