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sandal / сандалия, сандал, сандаловое дерево
имя существительное
сандаловое дерево
sandalwood, sandal
надевать сандалии
имя существительное
a light shoe with either an openwork upper or straps attaching the sole to the foot.
Wear high-top hiking shoes or sneakers - never sandals , or your feet will suffer.
It features a sling-back strap, which not only secure the sandal to your foot, but also offers a lovely, sensible heel.
She wore a simple sandal of light brown on her feet.
Another popular sandal is the Lagoon sandal , which comes in a wide variety of trendy colors, like blues and greens.
The absence of legislation to stop illicit felling of sandalwood from the Marayur sandal forest and distillation of sandal oil has made sandal factories in the State active of late.
Sturdy footwear does not include any type of open-toed shoe or sandal .
It is insulting to hit someone with a shoe or sandal , point the soles of one's feet at someone, and step over a person.
There doesn't seem to be much rhyme or reason to the shoes, sandals , boots, and flip-flops I see people wearing.
She was neatly dressed in a blue and white plaid sun dress, and wore high-heeled sandals on her feet.
These black leather sandals feature a black leather strap and rubber sole - a classic choice for the classic man.
I abandoned my shirt for my floral bikini top and my little white tennis shoes for sandals .