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sanctum / святилище, святая святых, рака
имя существительное
sanctuary, sanctum, holy, sacrarium, penetralia
святая святых
sanctum sanctorum, sanctum
shrine, reliquary, feretory, tabernacle, sanctum
имя существительное
a sacred place, especially a shrine within a temple or church.
The result is that many Smarta priests are entering the temple sanctums .
a private place from which most people are excluded.
Practically the entire spadework for the organization had already been done within the sanctums of the U.S. Treasury Department.
The invitation had one condition: no conversation within the sanctum was to be directly reported.
he ushered her into his sanctum and gave her something to drink
He took me to the sanctum of the whole church, where the chapel was and I stared at the bright rosaries and the flowered stained windows.
Idols of Rama, Sita and Lakshmana are worshipped in the main sanctum , which remains still neat and simple and unencumbered by temple paraphernalia.
When the nayika has decided on dedicating her life to Tyagesa, the squares and circles are too elaborate and she seeks a diagonal route straight to the deity in the sanctum .
The statue of the goddess in the sanctum was small and was heavily garlanded with bells and gold borders - offerings made to the goddess for boons granted.
The temple's eastern face could be the traditional entry for the Hindu devotee into the sanctum , and the west designed to enable Muslims to pray facing Mecca.
One goat is then sacrificed and its blood sprinkled in the Tabernacle's innermost sanctum , the Holy of Holies.
Thus the upper part of the sanctum assumes a pyramidal shape, which when built would have been at least 40 feet (unfortunately, not much of the temple survives).
an icon installed within the sanctum of the temple