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sanctuary / святилище, убежище, прибежище
имя существительное
sanctuary, sanctum, holy, sacrarium, penetralia
asylum, refuge, shelter, haven, sanctuary, retreat
refuge, resort, sanctuary, haven, asylum, harbor
имя существительное
a place of refuge or safety.
people automatically sought a sanctuary in time of trouble
a nature reserve.
a bird sanctuary
a holy place; a temple or church.
In Jerusalem the sanctuary of the temple was called the Holy Place and was between the court and the Holy of Holies.
Then she had run back to her classrooms seeking sanctuary .
It was to this precinct that the survivors of the attack retreated, barricading themselves into the inner sanctuary of the temple, which was burned to the ground with them in it.
At the time of the shooting, he said, a Protestant sister congregation that lacks its own sanctuary was worshipping at the Dominican church, as it has for 30 years.
I slammed the door angrily, dropped my bag, slid my jacket gently off my shoulders and once again took sanctuary on my mattress.
He wrapped his arms around me and I sought sanctuary in his embrace.
Rather than return home, the family sought sanctuary in the basement of a St-Laurent church, where they've been living, without going outside, since.
His shunning of the rest for the more difficult shots demonstrated a confidence not normal for such an arena, while he went for pots where mere mortals would have sought safety sanctuary .
The service takes place in the sanctuary , which contains an altar table and an oblation table.
He starts with the Bible, which includes the use of gold as adornment, the golden calf, and the detailed description of use of gold in sanctuary and tabernacle.
the inner sanctuary where the reliquary was kept