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sanction / санкция, одобрение, утверждение
имя существительное
sanction, authorization, assent, imprimatur, fiat, approbation
OK, approval, approbation, okay, acceptance, sanction
affirmation, approval, statement, assertion, claim, sanction
authorize, sanction, approve, countenance, sanctify, approbate
approve, endorse, welcome, applaud, sanction, countenance
claim, affirm, say, assert, maintain, sanction
имя существительное
a threatened penalty for disobeying a law or rule.
a range of sanctions aimed at deterring insider abuse
official permission or approval for an action.
he appealed to the bishop for his sanction
give official permission or approval for (an action).
only two treatments have been sanctioned by the Food and Drug Administration
impose a sanction or penalty on.
As a result, more and more medical societies have begun to sanction members with penalties like suspension or revocation of their society membership.
However, the travellers who have caravans parked there have been given official sanction of sorts by being allowed to purchase annual residents parking permits from the Borough Council.
Despite the problems the book had initially faced in finding a publisher in China - purportedly for its political overtones - it had finally received official sanction .
Sligo County Council still await sanction from the Dept. of the Environment to upgrade the Tubbercurry sewerage treatment facilities.
In thus reifying as law what had been done in practice, the Court gave legal sanction to further transgressions against the remaining Native American communities.
They have to seek budgetary sanction of fund according to the requirement of this class I institution of the country contracting the higher ups in power.
He gives sanction to his 10,000 figure by saying it might underestimate the annual trafficking in sex slaves.
Similarly, unlike many of their continental European neighbours, the English clung to corporal punishment as a penal sanction until well into the twentieth century.
The municipal authorities should not give sanction for construction of houses, with more than 1,000 sq. ft. floor area, without a RWH structure.
Montréal 2006 says the Games will go on with or without FGG sanction , who in turn say they will move the official Games to Atlanta.
Governing bodies are allowed to sanction owners and teams.