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sanctify / освящать, посвящать, санкционировать
sanctify, consecrate, hallow, bless
dedicate, sanctify, devote, consecrate, inscribe, induct
authorize, sanction, approve, countenance, sanctify, approbate
set apart as or declare holy; consecrate.
a small shrine was built to sanctify the site
They turned to Dutch religious rituals to sanctify their marriages and to validate their babies as Christians to enhance their chances for emancipation.
Rituals by the Converted temporarily sanctify specific locations - a house, the market square, a crossroads, a beach - for services they hold there.
Nine monks performed a ritual ceremony to sanctify the shrine, and blessed the local residents and the surrounding area.
The church will sanctify your body and soul on Sundays.
Starting at 9 a.m. on Friday May 11, nine monks performed a religious ceremony to sanctify the new branch office.
The use of Catholic ritual to sanctify the Revolution parallels the crucial role that the Church played in the events of 1789 and 1790.
As a joke, it succeeds marvelously, taking square aim at the government that borrows from the perceived grandeur of the British colonial era to sanctify the art made by its own citizens.
Bait Hillel states that first you bless the wine then sanctify the Shabbat.
That he might sanctify and cleanse it with the washing of water by the Word.
may God sanctify his soul