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sample / образец, пример, выборка
имя существительное
sample, pattern, specimen, model, example, piece
example, instance, sample, illustration, pattern, lead
sample, selection, excerpt, access, haul, picking
try, taste, sample, prove, attempt, try on
отбирать образцы
производить выборку
имя существительное
a small part or quantity intended to show what the whole is like.
investigations involved analyzing samples of handwriting
take a sample or samples of (something) for analysis.
bone marrow cells were sampled
Beagle 2 will also sample the atmosphere, checking for methane a certain indicator of life that is still thriving.
If you are in any doubt consider having a sample analysed.
You may also want to set up a booth at the front desk and let members sample food for your healthy cooking class or have your new salon dab free lotion on members' hands as they leave.
In addition further tests were carried out to sample the moisture of the concrete below the surface with the following results.
For the whole sample , we identified whether participants were high or low on locus and controllability.
Tonight I had the opportunity to sample Pop Secret's Honey Butter Popcorn.
The three of us stop at the Boeger Winery tasting room to sample their Barbera varietal.
According to him, all the passengers were asked for a sample of their handwriting.
One of the first producers to sample disco music, he is partly responsible for giving meaning to ‘disco house’ as we know it.
Start with water, and sample the other five foods to see which work best for you.