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same / тот же, то же, та же
имя существительное
тот же
same, idem
то же
same, ditto
та же
то же самое
тот же самый
одно и то же
имя прилагательное
same, identical, equal, uniform, alike, one
тот же самый
same, selfsame, identical, even, identic
monotonous, uniform, same, drab, flat, monotone
так же
same, the same way, similarly
таким же образом
the same way, same, so, just the same, do, ditto
имя прилагательное
identical; not different.
she was saying the same thing over and over
of an identical type; exactly similar.
they all wore the same clothes
the same thing as something previously mentioned.
I'll resign and encourage everyone else to do the same
(chiefly in formal or legal use) the person or thing just mentioned.
sighted sub, sank same
similarly; in the same way.
treating women the same as men
It can't be co-incidence that we're guided to the same place by different people!
Is this a different ship or the same ship that is believed to have sunk off Kochi?
The same Mr. Samaranch recently made a statement: "I am sure that the Olympic Games in Beijing will be the best in Olympic history".
May not, this man reasons, these same happy levers of government be employed in showbusiness?
It is broadly the same as the previous one, but rises to five storeys in places to accommodate bigger flats.
I came from the exact same educational system as all of you, and it was quite inadequate.
HP additionally made it possible to run processors of different speeds in the same server.
The very same neighbour recalls seeing a wheelie bin out for collection on occasions.
The colour-coded chart in his office tells the same story in a different way.
The present format of the draw will remain the same as will the two euro play.