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salvo / залп, оправдание, увертка
имя существительное
volley, salvo, discharge, round, flight
justification, excuse, acquittal, defense, vindication, salvo
subterfuge, evasion, dodge, quip, quibble, salvo
имя существительное
a simultaneous discharge of artillery or other guns in a battle.
Three days later, after the Leningrad - Moscow railway had been cleared, Stalin declared the blockade broken, and that night the city's anti-aircraft batteries fired victory salvos while the battle rumbled on the western horizon.
Off Norway, Triton challenged a darkened submarine but failed to elicit a response before firing a salvo which sent Oxley to the bottom.
the pardons provoked a salvo of accusations
The vertical launching system has the capacity to launch 16 Tomahawk submarine launched cruise missiles in a single salvo .
a deafening salvo of shots rang out
The resulting yield from the salvo caused the Battlecruiser to break apart, a tidal wave of flame running its entire length.
Neil's questioning could be viewed as the opening salvo in the battle for next year's elections to the Scottish parliament, with national economic performance likely to be one of the key issues after health, education and transport.
The Macaw's cannons unleashed a salvo that pummeled the pinnace.
It has launched its new price comparison service, the latest salvo in the battle for dominance in the Internet search space.
another salvo crashed nearer to the German positions
A situation might call for an Arclite barrage from a division of siege tanks or a deadly battleship salvo of a targeted area.