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salvage / спасение, спасение имущества, трофеи
имя существительное
salvation, rescue, saving, escape, salvage, redemption
спасение имущества
booty, haul, spoils of war, salvage, captured material
save, rescue, salvage, redeem, retrieve, bring off
собирать трофеи
спасать имущество
salvage, salve
имя существительное
the rescue of a wrecked or disabled ship or its cargo from loss at sea.
a salvage operation was under way
rescue (a wrecked or disabled ship or its cargo) from loss at sea.
an emerald and gold cross was salvaged from the wreck
In the case of rehabilitation or remodeling, LEED points can be earned through salvage and reuse of materials.
Engaging in a public dialogue with ‘someone of his calibre’ may in the end enable them to salvage their dignity and the respect of the faithful.
It may be that the plane reached the site as a result of salvage or scavenging from a more wealthy site in the neighbourhood which had been abandoned.
Only Key West, the last link in the chain, had anything like a town, its fortune based on selling salvage from ships wrecked on the reef that shadows the Keys.
The reward for such assistance was a generous salvage payment based on the percentage of the value of the saved cargo and boat.
Redhill and Old Coulsdon managed to salvage a draw on Sunday after North Kent failed to get the one run needed off their final ball to win the match.
Should you find the entire sub floor to be too badly damaged for salvage , it will be best to lay new one.
salvage taken from a ship that had sunk in the river
The Crown or the owner of the property pays this salvage payment, or the finder may receive the property instead of payment.
Why are there not temporary collecting bins provided throughout the area to facilitate the salvage of this valuable commodity, and save quite a lot of land-fill space?