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salmon / лосось, семга, лососина
имя существительное
имя прилагательное
цвета сомон
salmon, salmon-colored, salmon-coloured
salmon-colored, salmon-coloured, salmon
имя существительное
a large edible fish that is a popular game fish, much prized for its pink flesh. Salmon mature in the sea but migrate to freshwater streams to spawn.
Grilse salmon and sea trout spawn in Miller Beck along with brown trout, and enter it from the River Leven after swimming in from Morecambe Bay.
any of a number of fishes that resemble the true salmons, in particular.
The best fish to use is Cape salmon (gelbeck) and cod (hyabeljou), but smock or other firm-fleshed fish may also be used.
a pale pinkish orange color.
These have double flowers and come in many colors, including rich-yellow, dark-red, orange, salmon , and white.
Drizzle some oil from fennel over salmon and sprinkle with sea salt.
Impatiens come in an amazing array of colors from coral, orange, and salmon to burgundy, red, pink, purple, and white and every shade in between.
It is hoped work will be completed in time for the autumn run of sea trout and salmon , who will for the first time be able to make their way to the productive spawning grounds in the upper reaches of the Yarrow.
ceanothus-clad walls of salmon brick
In the past the name game fishing was given to describe the taking of trout, sea trout and salmon by fly fishing.
Vitamin D is also in such foods as salmon and egg yolks.
Nets would have also been used to net off sections of rivers or even complete rivers to trap migratory fish such as salmon , trout and sea trout.
Both salmon and trout grow faster in deep, low-velocity pools than in shallow, high-velocity riffles.
Their aim is to create environmentally sustainable farming practices that are compatible with the protection of migratory runs of wild salmon and sea trout.
The Hoddom stretch of the River Annan is fast becoming one of my favourite places to fish for sea trout and salmon .