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salesman / продавец, коммивояжер, комиссионер
имя существительное
seller, salesman, vendor, marketer, clerk, shop assistant
traveling salesman, salesman, commercial traveler, tout, traveler, commercial
commissionaire, broker, salesman, jobber, huckster, middleman
имя существительное
a man whose job involves selling or promoting commercial products, either in a store or visiting locations to get orders.
an insurance salesman
an insurance salesman
A born loser, he worked long hours for little money as a salesman in a shoe shop.
an insurance salesman
Then I moved to Canberra and got a job as a salesman selling histories of surnames and coats of arms.
The salesman then sold him what my pal thought was a term insurance policy, which only pays out on death and has no cash-in value.
Many small business owners are also the finance director, the chief salesman and the dispatch clerk.
Most such meetings also feature commercial displays and eager salesmen pitching their company's products.
Thus almost everyone with dependants has a potential need for life insurance, and thus there is a need for life-insurance salesmen .
Insurance companies in particular train their salesmen to sell policies to friends and relatives.
My job was to data entry product orders into the computer system, and listen to the salesmen on the phone so I could learn how to sell.