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saleable / ходкий, ходовой, пользующийся спросом
имя прилагательное
tradable, marketable, merchantable, merchant, saleable
salable, leading, current, marketable, merchantable, merchant
пользующийся спросом
salable, saleable
имя прилагательное
fit or able to be sold.
According to one leading industry source, the best prospect for Glanbia now is to sell off its saleable assets as soon as possible and revert to the co-operative status.
They know that they will have a hard job selling this, because it just is not saleable .
For future markets, conformation and a consistently high yield of saleable meat will be paramount.
Now is the time to start searching and any unwanted saleable items will be very welcome by the organising committee.
Designs are overwhelmingly market-oriented with standard patterns that are safe and saleable .
They would also welcome donations of saleable items including books, toys, bric-a-brac, cakes, etc.
Although we are very grateful to receive donations of saleable items to raise funds for our work, we are not able to accept donations of food, blankets and shelter in our shops.
‘This should be seen as a first step towards the grading of cattle based on saleable meat yield, which is the only system that will truly promote the production of better quality cattle,’ he said.
It would be nice to have the players we've had this season as your own, not only to work with but also so you have saleable assets.
Just as a writer can write without much expenditure, a filmmaker must, first of all, be able to express himself without much fuss about what is saleable and what is not.
Pickled samphire was once so popular and saleable in England that men risked their necks to collect it from the cliffs.