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salaried / штатный, получающий жалованье, находящийся на жалованье
имя прилагательное
staff, salaried
получающий жалованье
salaried, stipendiary
находящийся на жалованье
находящийся на окладе
имя прилагательное
receiving or recompensed by a salary rather than a wage.
salaried employees
pay a salary to.
The Scottish sculptor Michael Noble (who subsequently married the countess) and the psychiatrist Mario Marini were salaried by her as well.
A major division exists between salaried public service employees who have job qualifications and wage-earning public service employees who do not.
They also did away with commission-motivated salesmen, offering instead advice and guidance from salaried employees operating in the company's own retail network.
Hospital doctors are salaried employees of NHS organisations whereas general practitioners operate as independent contractors to the NHS.
Those working by the hour should also enjoy welfare insurance like salaried employees.
A stream of people queue up from 6.30 pm every weeknight to procure free legal advice offered by volunteers rather than salaried staff.
Payroll software must be able to track the payroll of all of employees, whether salaried or waged, temporary or contract.
Three year-round, salaried employees receive free housing on ranch land and health insurance benefits.
Senior management will have their Spring performance-related pay rises deferred, while salaried staff receive half of their top-up.
The present analyses draw participants from the 2,877 wage and salaried workers.
The white-collar salaried professions, such as public administration and banking, did however, provide the potential for mobility.