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salacious / непристойный, похотливый, распутный
имя прилагательное
obscene, indecent, lewd, unseemly, salacious, filthy
lustful, lascivious, lewd, prurient, raunchy, salacious
dissolute, lewd, wanton, lecherous, immoral, salacious
имя прилагательное
(of writing, pictures, or talk) treating sexual matters in an indecent way and typically conveying undue interest in or enjoyment of the subject.
salacious stories
The American people were inundated on a daily basis with new and ever more salacious bits of gossip about the occupant of the Oval Office.
The gossip is usually more salacious , the stories downright dirtier and they tend to spend more money on wine.
In a fit of fury, Pentheus attempts unsuccessfully to imprison Dionysus, who subsequently awakens Pentheus's salacious interest in the cavorting ladies.
There is nothing like salacious gossip to keep the conversation going is there?
Despite the predictable salacious stories of Hollywood, the most explosive and emotionally affecting part of this book involves Eszterhas' father.
She desperately wanted to rest, avoid the salacious Tinseltown gossip, and take control of her life.
Martina smiles and, ignoring his salacious grin, gestures towards the large fireplace in the parlor visible to their left.
No, it was the reek of alcohol that was coming from his direction and the salacious grin that spread across his face when he saw her coming.
Particularity objectionable to Judge Hand was the fact that the ‘details of the sex relations are set forth to attract readers to the story because of their salacious character’.
During his first season with the Cowboys, Curry cooperated with reporters seeking to tell his salacious story and didn't hide from scrutiny.