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sailing / парусный спорт, плавание, отплытие
имя существительное
парусный спорт
sailing, yachting, yachting sport
swimming, navigation, voyage, swim, sailing, sail
имя прилагательное
sailing, sail
имя существительное
the action of sailing in a ship or boat.
a sailing club
travel in a boat with sails, especially as a sport or recreation.
Ian took us out sailing on the lake
move smoothly and rapidly or in a stately or confident manner.
she sailed into the conference room at 2:30 sharp
sailing club
He was a passionate about sailing and frequently organized sailing events with exclusive yacht clubs.
She recognised that it was their financial support and Andrew's enthusiasm for the sport of ocean sailing that enabled her team to break four world sailing records in 2002.
It owns a fishery and fishing lakes, water skiing, sailing lakes, golf, tennis and a health and fitness club.
Booked traffic will be accommodated on the next available sailing .
Lunch was delayed until 3 pm when the boat reached Port Adventure because conditions while sailing were too rough for serving the meal.
she's good at sailing
Dingy sailing is well underway at the club as new sailors complete their training courses and join in the fun.
It would also be prominent in the GP14 class as it has the largest fleet of such sailing craft in Ireland, with 35 boats.
The sea was now full of big sailing dinghies but not our dive boat.